Best Chickens for Small Yards or Coops

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So, what are the best chickens for small yards or coops? I started keeping chickens in a small yard before transitioning to a larger space. Since I was a beginner, I just picked a few chickens at random to get started. But after a while, I realized that not all breeds are suitable for small coops or yards. So, I did my research on this subject matter and came up with interesting findings. Let’s find out more about the chickens you can raise in your small yard/coop.

Some of the chickens that you can keep in your small coop include the Easter Egger, Buff Orpington, Australorps, Salmon Faverolles,  Dominique, Plymouth Rock, Welsummer and Speckled Sussex among others.

Raising chickens can be a large scale or small-scale project. But this depends on your capital, the amount of space in your backyard, and your residential area. If you are starting a chicken keeping project in an urban setup, then the small-scale project is right for you. However, you will have to consider the type of chicken that you will raise in your small yard or coop. Below is a list of the best chickens for small yards or coops that you can choose for your project:


Black Australorp
Black Australorp
  • From the name, you can easily tell that Australorp chicken breed is Australian. These chickens come in different colors with black being the most dominant. Their feathering isn’t as exuberant as other breeds but it has an admirable greenish iridescence when exposed to light.
  • Australorps share a similar personality with the Orpingtons in many different ways. These chickens are calm, sweet, friendly and docile. This explains why they are always raised as family pets. Besides, they enjoy cuddling and human company most of the time. 
  • The hens are great layers with one hen laying up to 5 light brown eggs in a week. Sometimes they go broody and when they hatch, they become great mothers. 
  • Australops do well in both cold and warm climatic conditions. Therefore, you can raise them anywhere provided that the conditions are just right for their survival. Australorp chicken breeds enjoy foraging but will still tolerate confinement better than other breeds.

Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington
Buff Orpington
  • Here comes another type of chickens that are in the group of the best chickens for small yards or coops. Buff Orpington commands a steadfast following for good reasons. These birds are quite gentle when they are in your backyard. 
  • Unlike most other breeds, these chickens are larger for standard birds although most of their size is due to feathering. Their feathering is fluffy and prolific but a single hen can weigh at least 7lb on average. 
  • Buff Orpington is a perfect choice of chickens for your backyard. This is due to the fact that they are docile, calm, quiet and cuddly. These chickens are friendly to everyone including kids. This means you can raise them as pets for your family besides other uses. A single hen can lay up to 280 per year. In one week, each hen can lay between 4 and 5 large brown eggs.


  • Dominique is one of the oldest chicken breeds that is slowly making a comeback from near extinction. This is great news to most chicken owners because they’re a super lovely chicken breed when in your backyard. As the first American chicken breed, its origin is still unknown despite its popularity during the colonial era. 
  • These chickens are good foragers but they can tolerate confinement well. Most importantly, they are less demanding compared to other breeds. Also, they are very calm, docile and human-friendly.
  • Dominique chickens are medium-sized birds with beautiful barred plumage that helps them evade aerial predators easily. Additionally, their rose comb can withstand frostbite in extreme winter conditions. 
  • These chickens are tolerant of heat and humidity. This should tell you that you can raise them in different climatic conditions without any problems. Each layer produces an average of 275 eggs in one year which gives an average of 5 eggs per week.


  • Easter Eggers are the best type of chickens that you can raise in a small yard. These chickens are not a true breed but can survive in almost all climatic conditions. 
  • Besides, they are friendly, hardy and quite impressive when it comes to laying eggs. Speaking of eggs, Easter Eggers are known for laying multi-colored eggs. These unique eggs range from light blue to pink all the way to green color.
  • Easter Egger chickens are a hybrid created from the same stock that produced Ameraucanas and Araucanas. Then they’re crossed with other breeds to produce a variety of eggshell colorations. 
  • When it comes to temperament, Easter Egger chickens are less aggressive. These birds are very friendly, meaning that they can interact well with children when you raise them as pets. This is because they’re calm, docile quiet and curious. 
  • Given that they can tolerate winter conditions as well as warm climates, these chickens can survive almost anywhere. In other words, they’re good all-rounder birds in any aspect you can think of. 

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock
  • Though an old chicken breed, Plymouth rocks are one of the most popular birds for your backyard. These birds can do well in your small coop as well as a confined yard. They are quiet, calm and friendly with a sweet nature that makes them a good choice for pets. Apart from that, they are smart chickens compared to other breeds. 
  • Plymouth rocks are dual-purpose chickens with hens weighing up to 7.5lb when mature. The hens are consistent layers  although they may slow down in winter. Each bird is capable of laying an average of 4 large brown eggs in one week. 

Salmon Faverolles


  • Salmon Faverolles are a fun breed of chickens to have them in your small yard. In fact, these birds are becoming increasingly popular among different groups of chicken owners. They make an excellent choice of chickens that are one of  the best chickens for small yards or coops
  • You can easily recognize this breed of chickens from its fluffy brown or salmon-colored feathers, hence the name. In addition to that, feathers extend to their feet and legs, making them look more attractive. 
  • For their personality, these chickens are simply described as curious, friendly, exuberant, interactive and docile. They are always eager to know everything you are doing when you get closer to them. 
  • Even though they might not be the brightest star of your barnyard, these birds are adorable and fascinating. This is attributed to their looks which comprises feathered legs, muff, beards, and five toes. 
  • All these physical attributes combine to give you a beautiful flock of Salmon Faverolles in your small yard. Even though these chickens are raised as a dual-purpose breed, they have a reputation for laying 4 to 5 brown eggs per week. 

Speckled Sussex


  • Speckled Sussex is also one of the oldest chicken breeds whose origin is England. With their lovely and mellow disposition, this chicken breed is a good choice for your small yard. 
  • Always curious and friendly, the Speckled Sussex will follow you around your yard for treats. Besides, they have a great temperament that gives them an edge over other chickens when left to free-range. They are always active and alert even when they are under confinement. 
  • Speckled Sussex does well in cold conditions and not in warmer places unless there is enough shade. Originally a dual-purpose breed, the hens produce between 4 and 5 tinted large eggs per week. 


  • Welsummer Chicken
    Welsummer Chicken

    If you are a small flock keeper, Welsummer chickens are the best choice for you. These birds are increasingly becoming popular among different chicken owners from different parts of the world for many reasons. Key among them is their ability to thrive in confinement. 

  • Welsummer chickens are calm, smart, friendly and fairly independent. As great foragers, they will enjoy most of their time on free-range. This will save you money in the process. 
  • Their eggs are unique in such a way that they have a rich terra-cotta color with a few specks in their shells. To add to that, the eggs are very delicious and spectacular. 
  • The hens can lay up to 4 eggs per week although they are a dual-purpose breed. Welsummer chickens can tolerate both cold and heat conditions. As such, they can withstand different climatic conditions unlike some of the other popular breeds of chickens

Related Questions

What should you consider when choosing chickens for your small yard or coop? You may consider factors such as space requirements, noise factor, egg production, friendliness, low maintenance, and the breed. 

How many chickens should you raise in your small yard or coop? The number of chickens you can raise in your small coop depends largely on available space, breed and your capital. 

In Conclusion

These breeds of the best chickens for small yards or coops have been carefully selected depending on different factors. Most of these breeds are friendly, tolerant to different climatic conditions, productive and easy to maintain. With these factors at the back of your mind, nothing should stand on your way to achieving your dreams.

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Must have chicken breeds for a small backyard

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