Cochin Chickens: Read This Before Buying!

Cochin Chicken: Read This Before Buying!

Are you interested in the Cochin chickens? They are beautiful and make perfect lawn ornaments. But does the Cochin fit your needs and wants? Let’s look at the Cochin chicken: read this before buying! How Many Eggs Do Cochin Chickens Lay? First on our Cochin Chicken: Read This Before Buying _is the all-important egg. Many …

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Sussex Chickens: Pros And Cons

Sussex Chickens: Pros and Cons

Do you want a perfect chicken breed? One that lays tons of eggs, great temperament, and fairs well in all weather? Then you should take a look at Sussex chickens. These chickens might be the answer to all your prayers. Now we know what you are thinking. That’s impossible. So if you don’t believe us, …

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Australorp Chickens: Read This Before Buying!

Australorp Chickens: Read This Before Buying!

Austalop chickens are some of the easiest and healthiest chickens for the beginner. You will love the quirky personalities and all the entertainment they provide. But don’t take our words for it. Australorp chickens: read this before buying. We are sure you are going to love them. Australorp Origins The Australorp has such an unusual …

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Brahma Chicken: Read This Before Buying!

Brahma chicken: Read This Before Buying!

One of the best chicken breeds is the Brahma. You will love their silly looks, docile temperaments, not to mention the eggs. But before you take our word for it, you should know more. Let’s look at the Brahma chicken: read this before buying. What Is A Brahma Chicken? The Brahma chicken is an American …

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Wyandotte Chickens: Pros And Cons

Wyandotte chickens: Pros and Cons

When you look at chickens, one thing is clear. Wyandotte chickens are striking in appearance and temperament. But like all animals, there are a few Wyandotte chickens pros and cons that you should know. These pros and cons let you see how the chicken will integrate into your flock. It also helps you decide if …

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Marans Chickens: Pros And Cons

Marans Chickens: Pros and Cons

You need to go out and get a few Maran chickens right now. These birds give you lots of eggs, entertainment, and an unsuspecting favorite pet. But don’t just take our words for it. Below we have the best Marans chickens: pros and cons. You can see from this list that anyone would be lucky …

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Welsummer Chickens: Pros And Cons

Welsummer Chickens: Pros and Cons

What’s the best way to figure out if a chicken is suitable for your flock? Why a pros and cons list, of course! Looking at these types of lists, you can see if a chicken fits your needs. You can also see what most owners complain about the most. Today we are going to look …

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Cornish Cross Chickens: Pros And Cons

Cornish Cross Chickens: Pros and Cons

Raising chicken for fresh, healthy meat is a great privilege. And one of the best meat birds out there are the Cornish Cross chickens. They are all around amazing birds for the small homesteader. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading about our Cornish Cross chickens: pros and cons.  How Are Cornish …

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Silkie Chickens: What You Need To Know!

Silkie Chickens: What You Need To Know?

Silkie chickens are adorable and can win the hearts of anyone who looks at them. With their unique hair-dos and mild temperaments, you will want to add a few to your flock. They will be the talking focus of every backyard gathering. But they also look so delicate. Do they require any special care? Let’s …

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